Ganesh Machinery

After some preliminary work, we were tasked with a complete rebrand of Ganesh Machinery which included a logo, brand guide, ad campaign and responsive website.
January – August 2018
Art Direction
When Ganesh came to us with this task, they said "we want to make it all black". The challenge was to create a unique brand aesthetic while still appearing maintaining some of the known-brand.
The machines themselves are flat in color and don't fully convey their true potential. To create the core imagery of the brand, the extraneous elements were stripped away leaving only the machine and its environment.
Ganesh also required a product catalog showcasing both machine lines; GENMILL and GENTURN machines. This allowed us to really expand upon their brand and add a bit of sophistication with the printing. Each catalog was printed on a thick semi-matte stock and the covers being a soft-touch black with UV printing on the logo.
The website was an opportunity to add movement to the machines as well as offering a platform for potential dealers to contact Ganesh directly with machine quotes. Aside from the interactions on the site, the main feature was to unify worldwide dealers under one cohesive branding.

Using the same horizontal angles present in the G logo, the backgrounds of the machine act as a visual marker as to the brand being advertised. The interior pages focused on single machines, highlighting their unique capabilities. All graphics and machine product images were created to support the brand aesthetic.

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